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When you were born, you have a personality which is inbuilt because of your planets. Every month have its own unique qualities. The one who are born on those dates automatically adapt those features in them.  They have all the basic traits of that sun sign. Now we are in the end of summer season, the last month August. The sun sign for this month is LEO. The ruler of the Leo is sun, and the colour of sun is orange. So indirectly colour of Leo is orange.

Orange – “Bright & beautiful”

Colour full of energy. When you wear this magnifying colour you automatically feel so energized that your personality attract everybody attention. The Leo’s always make a statement with their clothes. They make this kind of aura around them that nobody can refuse their presence.  They are lavish and always look for brands. A lady with this sun sign is called to be lioness, and they look ravishing in whatever outfit they wear. One style that Leo’s can pull is the prints.

At Lady R you can find your way of dressing, make yourself energized by these orange dresses. You will shine like a sun. Make this dress as your sun sign trait.